Collect, Lend and
Swap your card

Playrs is a marketplace for collecting, lending or swapping Sport playrs cards.

The ecosystem is composed of:

  • NFT collectible cards
  • Games, and
  • A unique decentralized finance system.

We support Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, American Football.

The official currency of the Playrs platform is PLAY.

How to use Playrs


Build a sports card collection.


Challenge the community, and get a reward.


Buy and sell on the market for a profit.

Control your gains,
and Discover NFT DeFi


The owner of the 4 cards of the same player, and the owner only, can decide, when he/she has the 4, to destroy 1 or more types. For example, if you have the 4 types of Cristiano Ronaldo, you can decide to destroy the heart, the spades and the clubs. The diamonds type will be the only remaining card. This way you increase your power, and the value of the rest of your card.

On the other hand, when you possess the only existing card for players, you can choose to create other types. In the latest example, if you own the only diamond card for Cristiano Ronaldo, you can decide to create a hearts type and clubs type. You will dilute your power, but you will create value and this one can be sold for more.


The ownership allows you to receive 10% on each card deal, FOREVER. For this, you just need to hold/block the card 1 time for a minimum of 60 days.

In the life of the card, there will probably be multiple owners, so 10% will be split between all the card owners from the beginning of the life card.

Being the first to own PLAY tokens gives you the high possibility to buy the best cards and also get revenue all your life.