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player valuations


player valuations


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Establishing a new standard in player analysis methodologies

Playrs is introducing an innovative analysis mechanism which will provide a groundbreaking approach and a new way of looking at the game - rigorous analysis tools for players will be available to every segment of the sport industry. Fans will no longer be just viewers, but contribute to the valuation process of athletes by giving their input.

Playrs Index will create real-time price valuation based on 4 indicators - Performance, Finance (including transfers and contract conditions), Fame (updated news and social media popularity) and Real-time in-game reporting done by contributors following their favorite stars.

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What brings to the game

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Price transparency
A player’s value will be determined by the 4 criteria in an effort to set a cap on player spending.
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Blockchain development
Using blockchain technology to give Playrs community a word in determining players’ values.
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Real-time valuation
Provide real-time analysis to football players’ information sheets and create an accurate player valuation system in real-time with the help of price discovery algorithms.
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Bonus structure

Playr Token

PLAYR token is the power behind community engagement in the real-time valuation process of each and every player. Activity on the blockchain relies on PLAYR tokens, from voting to real-time play calling during the game. Community members can collect PLAYR tokens by watching the game, calling plays, giving their input on player’s progress and more.


Token info

Token name
Soft cap
Hard cap
Accepted currencies
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Allocation of Funds

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  •   Advisors / Executive
  •   Ambassador
  •   Legal
  •   Reserve
  •   IT
  •   Marketing

Token Distribution

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  •   Bounty
  •   Public sale
  •   Company reserve
  •   Marketing
  •   Advisors & Partnerships
  •   Team

Team Playrs

David Blum
Pauline Guhmann
Jean Fages
Herman Josovah
Ronnie Jaegerman
Dimitrios Bourpoulas
Demetris Papadopoulos
George Georgiou
Angelos Gregoriou
Raphael Gellar
Yan Boisjoly

Our advisors

Jeremy Dahan
Yagub Rahimov
Bogdan Maslesa
Prof. Panos M. Pardalos
John Aggrey
Araz Heydariyehzadeh
Mohamed Ahmed
David Schumann
Jonathan Forte
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Token Sale
PLAYR Tokens
What is an ICO?

ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. Playrs project is offering investors Playrs tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What is Playrs?

Initially known as Hello Football, Playrs is a sports tech project which we started almost 3 years ago. The initial project was dealing with raw data to evaluate football players. The idea was to improve the already existing system to develop a real-time and a more accurate valuation system.

Playrs is introducing an innovative analysis mechanism which will provide a unique approach and a new way of looking at the game - rigorous analysis tools for players will be available to every segment of the sports industry. Fans will no longer be just viewers but contribute to the valuation process of athletes by giving their input.

How does it work?

Playrs Index will create real-time price valuation based on four indicators - performance, finance (including transfers and contract conditions), fame (updated news and social media popularity) and real-time in-game reporting done by contributors/users following their favorite stars. Allowing users to vote for a football player will make the real time valuation more accurate (sentiment is a key part of valuation).

Why blockchain?

Blockchain is used to store information and keep track of data and transactions. Distributed ledgers also enable extra legitimacy and security of the data.

How do you use Blockchain in your product?

Blockchain is a technology that allows us to transfer data, in an encrypted manner, on a decentralized network that cannot be tampered with. In this sense, blockchain technology will be used by Playrs to add an extra layer of transparency to its Index, with the use of decentralised data distribution by the community.

What actual problems does Playrs solve?

Sports players transfers and valuations can be rather disorganized. Playrs technology enables real valuation and transparency in the transfer market, eliminating black markets and value fixing.

Playrs also helps to identify the real impact of a player on the market (marketing for the clubs, transfer price, etc). Additionally, Playrs can be used by player agents or clubs portfolios, meanwhile having a real-time valuation of players. This can help them know the value of the player, to know if the club is making money with this player, and also to help fundraising.

Why do you need Playrs token?

Playrs tokens will be a reward to users who vote for football players. Tokens will also be used to get goodies, tickets or products from sports brands, clubs, media etc. These brands will have access to the data generated by the algorithm only via Playrs tokens.

Do you have a product already?

We only have a prototype.

Is there a prototype available?

Yes. We have worked for almost 3 years on the algorithm and the prototype will be combined with the new functions of the blockchain. We are waiting for the input of contributors to have the product ready.

Who is behind Playrs? Does your team have the required experience to accomplish the goals on the roadmap?

Behind Playrs, there is a very experienced team with complementary skills in football, data analysis, software, blockchain development, marketing, with a community that is in the sport scene and well-known advisers. Please see our website Team section.

What is user-generated data (UGD)?

User-generated data is data gathered from people voting for a sports player. The data will be integrated into our algorithm to be combined with performance, finance and fame to create a Playrs Index.

I am a resident of the US, can I participate?

No. Aspart of our due diligence process only accredited investors from the USA can join our token sale.

I am a Chinese resident, can I participate?

No. Unfortunately as per the Chinese ICO ruling, Chinese residents cannot participate in the Playrs token sale process.

Is Ethereum fixed at a certain price during the crowdsale?

No, the ETH price will not be fixed and will depend on the market rate.

How many tokens will be issued?

There will be a total of 100 million PLAYR tokens issued.

How many PLAYR tokens do I receive with 1 ETH?

1 ETH is equal to 2500 PLAYR tokens.

What is your KYC Process?

Know your customer (alternatively, know your client or 'KYC') is the process of the Playrs project identifying and verifying the identity of our token supporters. As part of our KYC process, we require ID and proof of residence.

Can I purchase tokens without KYC?


What will happen to any unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be burned.

How can I buy PLAYR tokens?

Please follow the instructions on the client dashboard during the ICO. Once you send ETH or BTC to our wallets, tokens will automatically be issued to your Playr dashboard. Alternatively, you can buy PLAYR tokens on crypto exchanges after the ICO.

When is the Token Sale?

We have two stages. Pre-sale and Main Sale.

Pre-Sale Main- Sale
1-15 July 2018 19 July-05 August 2018
Is there a minimum amount of funds you need to raise?

We already have the MVP, therefore we don’t have any soft cap.

When is the Pre-Sale?

Pre-ICO is taking place 1-15 July 2018.

On which platform will the token sale be based on?

PLAYR tokens are issued on ERC-20 (Ethereum) platform.

Will there be a bonus for participation in the Pre-Sale?

Yes, pre-sale participants will be receiving up to 15% bonus.

Is there a vesting period?

Vesting period:

  • Team - 180 days
  • Advisors - 60 days
  • Retail investors - none
  • Bonus - 60 days
  • Institutionals - 60 days
Is there a referral link to share with my network?

Yes, there is a referral link available in your Client Dashboard during the ICO period.

How do I open an ETH wallet?

You can use Myetherwallet or an automated ERC20 wallet generated by Playrs dashboard, provided automatically.

What is the minimum capping of ETH to participate in the ICO?

Minimum investment size is 0.1 ETH.

Will there be a Bounty program?

Yes, the details will be available on our Bitcoin Talk and Client Dashboard.

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

You can support Playrs token sale with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCash), Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, ETH, ETC, NEO, Ripple, EOS, Stellar, Cardano, Dash, Tether, and Verge.

How will I receive my tokens after I send my contribution?

Tokens are distributed after the ICO, to the wallet address provided in your dashboard.

What are the soft and hard caps?

We already have the operational MVP, therefore, do not need a soft cap. Meanwhile, the hard cap is $30 M USD.

How long will the ICO last?

ICO main sale period will take place from 19 July - 05 August 2018.

Can I register more than a single Ethereum address?

Yes, you can participate in the token sale with multiple crypto wallets.

Can I use Bitcoin to participate in the ICO?


Who distributes PLAYR tokens and how soon will I get them after the end of the token launch?

PLAYR tokens are automatically distributed by the smart contract included in the platform. However, the transfer of the tokens will be restricted during the ICO process.

How do I buy PLAYR tokens after the ICO?

We are currently having discussions with multiple exchanges to get the PLAYR token listed once the ICO is finished. Further details to be announced.

Are PLAYR securities or utility tokens?

PLAYR tokens are utility tokens.

How can I exchange PLAYR tokens for fiat or other cryptocurrencies?

Once our ICO comes to an end, PLAYR tokens will be listed in various exchanges. You will be able to exchange PLAYR tokens to ETH or BTC or other cryptos or fiat thereafter.

Which wallet should I use to receive PLAYR tokens?

You can use the platform generated wallets or open to any other ERC-20 supporting wallets.

In the platform used by Playrs, there is already an integrated wallet. Please make sure to avoid exchange generated wallets.

What can I do with PLAYR tokens?

PLAYR tokens give access to the Playrs platform and its valuable data. You can acquire goods and services (goodies, tickets, t-shirts, etc.) provided from various sports brands or convert into fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

On which exchanges will the tokens be traded?

We are currently in discussion with various crypto exchanges. Details will be announced by the closing date of the Playrs ICO.

How do I know my tokens are secure?

We use smart contracts to issue tokens. Additionally, Microsoft Azure is our hosting partner on the platform, ensuring full security of your data.

Can I take my tokens out of your service?

Yes, once the ICO is over you can transfer your tokens to any ERC-20 compatible wallet.