Our vision

Playrs aims to enlarge sports from their own pitch. We believe that sport belongs to the supporters and that they should be rewarded for their loyalty.

We build a network where the fan is in the center of a project. A place where they can rank and challenge their knowledge, but also get some financial reward by collecting their favourite player’s collectible cards.

Who we are

We are a bunch of sport enthusiasts who got very frustrated during the coronavirus period and all the matches happening behind closed doors.

The emerging trading cards on the blockchain and the crypto market needed a system for sports players that the fan can use, trade, sell, buy anytime or anywhere, independently from the matches.

That is why we create this unique project that reunites all the sport fans, not only in the stadium again, but also on the widest stadium in the world, the online sports community.

Being the first to own PLAY tokens gives you the high possibility to buy the best cards and also get revenue all your life.