PLAY token

Play Token is the official token and official payment method into the platform marketplace to buy cards, sell cards or make any transactions.
The token can also be used outside the platform as it is listed on exchanges websites.

PLAY token info

Token name


Token Sales

1 Bn






250 M Bounty/Airdrop

Please register to the Bounty program and get rewarded.

Locked for 20 cards ownership*.

500 M PLAY token for Private sales

Whitelist required and minimum 10,000 tokens per purchase:

  • Level 1 price 0.01 private sale from 26th June for 24h maximum supply 100M
  • Level 2 price 0.03 private sale from 1st July for 48h maximum supply 200M
  • Level 3 price 0.05 private sale from 5th July for 24h maximum supply 200M

Buy 10,000 to 50,000 PLAY – 20% BONUS.
Buy 50,000 to 100,000 PLAY – 35% BONUS.
Buy over 100,000 PLAY – 50% Bonus.

Locked for 10 cards ownership*.

250 M team and advisor

Locked for 10 card ownership*.


Lock your token for 30 days and get a free card

  • 10,000+ PLAY and get 1 card drop per month
  • 100,000+ PLAY and get 1 card drop every week
  • 1,000,000+ PLAY and get 1 card drop per day

Lock ownership – How does it work?

A Locked ownership means that you are not allowed to sell your cards unless you owe a minimum quantity.

For example, for a lock of 20 cards ownership, you need to possess at least 20 cards to be able to sell one. You can still buy some cards with no limit.