Playrs NFT cards

Playrs is issuing NFT collectible cards that are unique and based on blockchain technology. They follow the ERC-1155 protocol on the Blockchain immutable x, Ethereum Chain.

Each player has 4 cards that are issued at the same value by the platform: hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs.

The initial value of the card depends on the value of the football player in real life.

Each Card is dropped at 1,000 PLAY, and is offered to the community via auction.

Then, the card’s value changes depending on the interest of the community.

Cards structure


4 types per player





How to get a card?

Buy a card from the Mercato

From auction / From direct sale at a fixed price / Exchange
Request a card drop.

Get a card temporarily from someone else

Lending system.

Use someone else’s card

Enrol someone to join your staff and use their card, and share your profit with them.)

Win it at a game

Competition, Superleague, 1vs1
Fantasy, Up/down, Futures.